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KAW256I have helped thousands learn and understand SQL Server though my blog and courses.  Wondering whether it is worth your time and money to take one of my courses?   Check out what some of my past students have said.


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Hello Kris,

Wow man! Already with the little bit of your course I have gone through – SQL is making so much more sense. I have the 70-461 Training Kit from Microsoft & it already seems like a much less daunting task. In fact I would say I am now much more excited about the process! Indeed I am grateful for what you are offering, thank you sir!




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Dear Kris,

I just wanted to let you know how valuable your SQL tutorials is to me.

Learning SQL has been difficult for me.  I bought many books and couldn’t understand all the jargons. And part of my job requires writing sql queries and was wondering how to overcome this.

I just started your online tutorial and I am gaining confident little by little.

I would like to progress to writing the 70-461 exams.  Would you be kind enough to continue this tutorial in other to help some of us who need to pass this exams?

I am grateful for finding your site. You are a great teacher.

Thank you.



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WOW!!!  Kris, this effort that you put forth is nothing short of Amazingly Awesome and Outstanding.  It will be a big help for me.  I believe that you and I live close by each other.  I live within a 5 minute walk of downtown Milford.  Could I meet with you in person to buy you a cup of your favorite coffee/tea drink at a Starbucks that is the closest to you for no more than 26 minutes?



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Without any doubt, you have the most comprehensive exam 70 – 461 package.



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Really appreciate your way of teaching important sql concepts in such a clear and progressive way. I had the impression to find only either basic resources or very advanced ones.


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Hi Kris,

Thank you for the great lessons. I couldn’t find a good “mentor” online until I found your website.





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First of all your tutorial is amazing and you make it easy to understand and making writing queries fun.Am one of your students from United kingdom, England precisely.

Would you please be my mentor? As am new to SQL and i have my first job interview coming up soon. I will need a bit of guardian in my new found career path.

Kind regards.


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Your site has been extremely helpful, and I just want to say thank you for putting this resource together. I have been using SQL for a few years now, but here and there I come across hurdles and this site has found to be helpful to understanding what I may be doing wrong. Thanks again for all of your help, it is greatly appreciated!

P.s. If I could send cookies I would!

: )




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Great detail and clear concise explanations. I’ve been working with SQL for only a year and I think you, out of all of the tuts and docs that I’ve been reading, actually explained it in a unique way that it was the easiest to comprehend.

Thank you and keep them coming.


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I stumbled onto your site because I needed to explain the “normal forms” to somebody, and while I’ve been a DBA for 16 years (and I clearly know the rules of normalization) I’d never had to discuss them out loud (not since a training class in the late 90’s anyway).  I was finding myself at a loss for words trying to explain it.  A couple of Google searches later and I stumbled onto your site, specifically your “Database Normalization” pages, and I wanted to tell you how impressed I was at your description.  I’m going to refer people here from now on.  Thanks for putting in that effort.




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@sqlkris I love your concept and style thanks for http://www.essentialsql.com/  – where are the soc med links on ur pages so I can share?


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It is always very refreshing to read well written articles on hard-to-grasp technical topics.

Great job.



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Hey Kris,

Thanks for such a detailed and easy to understand explanation of the normalization technique.. The way u elaborated the whole process is just stupendous…I visited a number of sites for better understanding of normalization, but no one matched your caliber seriously… Great job indeed, keep up the good work.. Thanks…. !!!!


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Again so wonderful tutorial , It is so clear and understandable before I have read a lot of articles about joins but this was completely distinct.

Thank you sir for this part.



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Hey, Thank you so much.. Your efforts are appreciable .., many people are finding this useful . All the Best 🙂


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Hi Kris,

Thanks a bunch for all of the resources – it looks awesome.

My reason for wanting to use your SQL course/s, is that is appears to be the best regarded, as well as the best organized, of other SQL training.

I am an accountant, and as I have had to use SQL over the years, I have just begged and borrowed pieces of code to make things work when I needed to.  I want to finally get some real instruction – thanks!




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Your articles are very helpful, detailed and consolidated. whatever i learnt across web was consolidated and explained in depth.

 I really appreciate your effort and time.Thanks for that.