Welcome to courses.essentialsql.com

Welcome to courses.essentialsql.com.  This is the companion site to www.essentialsql.com.  Here you’ll find all sorts of great courses to help you learn SQL.

I encourage you to check out our classes.  The classes are written for beginners and are written in easy to understand English.

I really like helping people understand SQL.

retro learning sql pattern

If you’re like most of my students, then I know that you want to:

  • be confident writing SQL
  • understand more complicated topics such as joins and sub-queries
  • become fluent in database terms and concepts
  • understand query optimization and performance tuning
  • start your path to become a DBA

Through my conversation style, easy to understand lessons, videos, and info graphics, I’ll help you to do this an more.

Signup today for a class and begin your journey!